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It's a small world, folks. Tiny!

So, lately I've been on a Liam Lynch kick and I discovered his podcast. I finished the last episode recently and was gettin' ready to email Liam a question to read in a viewer mail episode. My question was regarding Sifl & Olly cons. I'd heard of Crescentcon but thought maybe there was a SockheadCon or something so I decided to do a bit of research...

Before I get to my awesome findings... I've got some friends in New York City who are working on a web show called "The New Adventures of Captain S"... Think Saved by the Bell meets Captain N: The Gamemaster and Superhuman Samurai Cyber Squad. It's pretty rad. to check it out for yourself (it's awesome!). I'm doing artwork for them.

There's a guy named Glenn Case who's doing the music for the show. I dunno where they found this guy, but he is pretty damn awesome. I thought one of his instumentals sounded sorta' Liam Lynch-esque, but I thought maybe it was just me.

So... I'm doing research and I find the Sockheads Yahoo!Group. First thing I notice is that the first 10 messages are from Glenn Case and he's plugging Captain S. Wow, what a cooincidence. Glenn Case is a sockhead. Rock on!

OH... but it gets better! Not only is he a fan... but he's actually met Liam and Matt! He jammed with 'em at Crescentcon!!! Check out these vids!

Here's the video:
Part 1:
Part 2:

How rad is that?
I was assured a heads up for the next con.
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please post info re: con to this lis.

Buy my goosed noodles! Suckers!
Sure thing, dude!
Sockheads are no longer as active as they used to be. The sockheads group (which I am in and have been for YEARS) had two CRESventions, one in 2001 in Nashville and one in 2002 in Los Angeles. None since, as Liam and Matt are both busy and no one seems to have the time to do it anymore.

Glenn is a friend of mine and works on a lot of things at any given moment.