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Interview cut, followed by shot of sifl and olly:

Olly: Today we have a very special interview. Hey - Chester - come in here for a second, dude."

(chester enters from stage left)

Chester: Ok. What do you guys want? I'm branding my soap.

Olly: Chester, what's your favorite TV show?

Chester: That's easy! It's Dynamite Dog and that Worm that says "Wow" all the time.

Olly: But dude we got a special treat for you. Remember how you wanted to interview someone?

Chester: Yeah. Yeah.

Olly: Well we have Dynamite Dog and Wow the Worm in the studio, and you're going to interview 'em.

Chester: No! No way! .. Wait! Don't go.

Olly: Yeah, see ya'

(Sifl & Olly exit stage right)

Chester: I can't do this! I don't wanna do..

(Dynamite Dog and the Worm that says "Wow" enter stage left.)

Chester: Whoah. Hey you guys. I love you. Crescent fresh. You make me feel weird all the time.

Dynamite Dog: Dynamite rock!

The worm that says wow: Wow!

Chester (lauging): Ok ... member ... member that evil eppisode, where you made the robot versions of yourselves an I, an I I, I can't believe you got away from those robots of you. That was cool.

Dynamite Dog: Dynamite rock!

The worm that says wow: Wow!

Chester (suspicious): Wait a minute. Meh-member that Christmas eppisode , when you, when there were, you made the robot reindeers do the dance? Member that? That was cool, huh, right?

Dynamite Dog: Dynamite rock!

The worm that says wow: Wow!

Chester (outraged): Just as I thought! You guys are the evil robot Dynamite Dog and the Worm that says "wow."

Evil Robot Dynamite Dog: What are you talkin' about kid?

Chester: I knew you guys were lying, because the robots weren't reindeers in the christmas special. They were elves! They were robot elves! I'm gonna call the commish'. Calling all commissioner!

Evil Robot Dynamite Dog: Listen, your friends just paid us fifty bucks to come down here to talk to you.

Chester: That's what you want me to believe, you fucks! I see through your fog! I don't talk to robots! I'm going to call commissioner duck! Botch you evil plans!

Evil Robot Dynamite Dog: What?

(Chester exits stage right)

(Chester enters stage right)

Chester: Time is of the essence!

(Chester exits stage right)

(Sifl & Olly enter stage left)

Sifl: Whoa.

Olly: Hey where's, where's chester man?

Sifl: Yeah

Olly: I heard him say something about evil robots. What's going on here?

Evil Robot Dynamite Dog: Hey man, I'm not trying to cause any problems here. I just want my fifty bucks.

Olly: What the hell?

Sifl: Well, they actually are the evil robot versions of Dynamite Dog and Wow the worm. The real ones were way too expensive.

Olly: Oh, great. So we just blew fifty bucks, and we scared chester.

Sifl: No no dude. Dude, check this out. Hey Jimmy - unplug these guys allright?

Jimmy (off stage): "All right"

(The Evil Robot Dynamite Dog and the Evil Robot Worm that says "Wow" collapse)

Chester (Running on stage from the left): Commissioner Duck's in the bath. I can't find him!

Sifl: Hey Chester

Chester (stunned): You guys killed the robots! Oh my go - you're my heroes! You should get your own show!

Olly: Yeah, we have our own show chester.

Chester: Oh my god! What time is it on?

Olly: NOW!

Chester: I gotta go check this out! See what happens! Later!

(Chester exit stage left)

Olly: (sigh)
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